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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  August 25, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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sunny and warm, a school start this morning, 64 degrees. warm weather is on the way. your forecast hour by hour. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. let's get to bill. >> sunshine will move those numbers up in a hurry and we'll see nothing but sunshine from the city to the shore. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. a few clouds aftershore. it will be a dangerous day all the way around. 57 now for oilentown and pottsto pottstown. nice and clear to start with. nice and warm by lnch time today. we'll see temperatures near the 80 degree mark. there are chances for showers ahead. look at what you can expect when i come back. first, jillian mele has traffic.
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>> let's start off with a live look at 76, westbound near city avenue. as you can see, traffic is moving along just fine. the drive times are looking good,ç 14 minutes both ways between the blue route and the vine. a pair of new accidents, one on the boulevard northbound at grant avenue, on the outer drive. we have a new accident at perkiom perkiomen, ott road at graft pike. north broad street is closed near cowpath road. take line street or walnut street to get around that. utilize the alternate routes if you're heading out in that direction. chris? >> they're impacting traffic. that's the breaking news we're following in montgomery county where police are investigating a deadly car crash in hatfield township. nbc 10's katy zachry live on the scene.
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>> reporter: the impact was so severe when the vehicle hit a utility pole here on broad street, that the car split into two. you really can't see the scene as well as you could through the morning. there's a tow truck and trailer to the rest of it. they'll put the smaller pieces of the car inside that location. around 12:55 on the 1600 block of broad street, the driver of this car lost control and slam nad a pole. two people were inside that car. one was air lifted to jefferson hospital with severe body trauma, the other pronounced dead. police have not yet determined which of the individuals was driving and which was the passenger. they're not also at this time relassing the name of the person who died.
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they are still investigating this stretch of broad street near cowpath road. it's still blocked off. it has been since around 1:00 a.m. >> this is such an extensive investigation. you have come out here, the coroner out here. lansdale police, hatfield township police. earlier this morning we were talking to friends of the victims. they were understandably an emotion emotional moment. that's the latest live, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. it sent people running for safety. surveillance video capture the the moment when a 6.5 magnitude hit yesterday. the epicenter was in napa valley. california's governor declared a state of emergency as crews were
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assessing the damage last night. the earthquake was over within 20 seconds but damaged more than 100 buildings, ignited fires and rupture ruptured. >> i felt something, it went bam, hit me in the head right there. >> aftershocks are expected to hit the area for the next week. >> officials should make funding a priority for an early. >> quake]zeç detection system. westbound, we have stories and pictures on happening today, michael brown will be laid to rest today. his death more than two weeks ago sparked nightly protests in the city of ferguson. many of those vial enthe. at a peace festival in st. louis
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yesterday, michael brown jr. asked for calm on the day of his son's funeral. he says he appreciates all the love and support his family has received from the people in the community. >> all i want is peace when my son is being laid to rest. will you plebes with please, take a day of license. >> michael brown jr. was unarmed when he was shot and killed by darren wilson. a grand charjury is in session. christina regusters is the defendant, opening arguments were supposed to happen last thursday. they are pushed back because two jurors needed to be replaced. authorities say regusters dressed in muslim attire to
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disguise her as her mom. last week, prosecutors revealed they found an internet search on her computer for muslim clothes and how to get rid of rape dna evidence. the victim in this case is expected to testify. trenton police have a man in custody who they say posed as a police officer and sexually assaulted a store clerk. they say the man told the clerk he was a cop, then forced hr into a bathroom and sexually assaulted her. philadelphia police are looking for a man who opened fire leaving another man critically hurt. around 9:15 in the city's olney neighbored. we're told a man in his 40s was shot in the stomach. we don't know what led to that shooting. ♪ this was the scene yesterday in love park, a welcome emhome party for the taney dragons.
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the party isn't over yet. the dragon wagon has arrived in new york city this morning for an appearance on the tad today show. nbc 10's matt delucia live at positive rock this morning. the dragons should be getting used to the national spotlight. >> they are, i think, krirl. they are in new york right now. i found out they are walking over from the hotel for their appearance on the "today" show. people are lined up ready to watch the "today" show out here in new york city. there's the studio. this is where the taney dragons will be interviewed later this morning, including mo'ne davis. this team as i mentioned still riding the wave after tension they picked up during the little league world series. we just saw video.
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keel show it to you again. the team came back to philadelphia, severely after an admire blg run in the world series.ç this team went further than any other in city history. of course one of the big stars out here, mo'ne davis. she carried that star factor. it will be the first of a series of sitdown interviews following the tournament show case be what this girl finished. she has more interviews planned. she's going to steve aharvey, we understand. she is getting ready. when we talked to her about what she is expecting, if you will, the toughest part, she says will be answering the questions. she's looking forward to meeting everyone. the team is on the way from
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their hotel. they will be in the studio in the second half hour should say of the day "today" show. live at the plaza of the "today" show at 30 rock in new york city, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the temperatures have come down. in fact, some spots we're seeing areas of fog that will not last. bright sunshine will warm us into the 80s. it is clear for allentown, northeast philadelphia and atlantic city, 56 degrees right now in atlantic city. look at the follow. low clouds an fog. this is a view from jim thorpe.
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we're seeing a few spots in the philadelphia area. hazleton, down to a quarter mile visibility there. most of the rest of the area is doing okay. a little light fog but no sign of fog for most of delaware and south jersey. we sill see plenty of sunshine. sunshine warms us that the 80s this yap noon. there are clouds inland western pennsylvania but it's this line of clouds that could bring us showers later this week. it's a slow mover that storm system may not affect us until early thursday morning. for today, 84 degrees with sunny skies. into the middle 80s for northeast philadelphia, mt. holly, doylestown, the jersey shore, the delaware beaches. upper 70s. up to 82 for dover.
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any spots of fog north and west will clear, middle 80s for chester, philadelphia and voorhees. the seven-day forecast with the timing of the showers our way an a lack at the weekend as we when we come back. 11 minutes after 6:00. we've had a few zpaeaccidents o there. >> jillian just tweeted about another accident. >> bridges are clear of delays but i am following four accidents out there, including a new one that skyforce 10 is heading to right now. we're told it involves a vehicle that went into the woods.ç take academy street to get around that. accident on the boulevard northbound at grant avenue. perkiomen township, ott road at
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dprafl pike. we still have an accident investigation happening in hatfield, north broad street. avoid north broot stread street. this is 422 out near trooper, eastbound side. we have a disabled vehicle. no big delay just yet, i'll cope you update on the delays as they form. 12 minutes past 6:00 right now. one luckia boy makes an amazing discovery in the sand of long beach. and searching for money. cash strapped 90-day is using this to fund new projects.
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just about 6:16. new this morning, new jersey's largest waste water treatment plant is getting $260 million to prevent future damage. the plant in the past was crippled during storms. it sent millions of gallons of untreated sewage into the new york bay. also new this morning, philadelphia has joined a growing number of cities that are using crowd funding to pay for local projects. it's the fact tris of funding a project through money raised online. all of the money came from people who live in the area. crowdfunding works well for smaller projects that may not be included in the city budget.
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>> where there are opportunities to either take higher risks that maybe we shouldn't run projects supported through taxpayer funding or fund something that maybe the city wouldn't be able to do without additional financial sport. these are the types of project that are right now crowdfunding. happening today, a job fair in new castle county to focus on getting veterans back to work. the fair is hosted by delaware senators and a congressman. palestinian president mahmoud abbas wants the international community to set a deadline for israel to end its occupation of lands captured in the 1967 mideast war. hundreds of palestinians
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gathered in northern gaza sun to mourn some of the victims of recent israel air strikes. reports say eight people were killed yesterday in those air strikes. officials say at least ten rockets were launched sunday, one of which wounded three people. and a 4-year-old israeli boy was laid to rest over the weekend. he's the first israeli child to be killed in the palestinian conflict. 6:18. we told you skyforce 10 was on the way to the accident. it's now over the accident in glassboro. >> this is a serious accident. skyforce 10 just got to the scene. let me step out of the way. this is a truck that went into a tree. this is happening on route 47, delcy drive.ç heavy fire department police presence out there.
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skyforce 10 was pulling up to the scene a short distance. a serious accident in this area. if you need to get around this in the meantime, academy street will be a good alternate route. we'll keep you updated there. this is 95, southbound side starting to get heavy with volume. that's pretty typical for this hour. still an accident on the boulevard northbound. perkiomen township, ott road and gravel pike. we continue to follow this citizen investigation in hatfiel hatfield,. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> going to see plenty of sunshine today. you'll need your sunglasses. nace and clear here at the nbc
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10 studios and the temperatures are running cooler than yesterday. 63 degrees in philadelphia. it's the coolest readings we've seen so far this morning. just a little bit of a breeds. the humidity will be dropping. in some areas, it is a little bit on the humid side, enough for fog. this is another view of the pocono mountains. temperatures are running cooler than yesterday. down 6 degrees in mt. holly compared to yesterday at this time. that's one of the locations that's dealing with light fog right now. three-quarter mile visibility, mt. holly at a mile and a half. most of the area is fog-free and those few spots of fog will quickly disappear with nice, sunny skies. the radar show nothing sign of wet weather until we get to thursday. this line of showers may come through our area early thursday morning with showers. until then, we are in for a nice her, dry air, low humidity.
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sunshine and 80s this afternoon. we will see a warming trend tomorrow, a bit warmer, up to 87 degrees and 88 degrees with nice, sunny skies for wednesday. then showers arrive early thursday morning. quickly clearing out doorg the day on thursday. nice warmup, up to 84 degrees. however, the weekend looks like clouds return with a chance of showers and highs in the middle 80s. >> 6:21 right now. this morning, an american held captive for two years in syria is released, raising new questions about how the u.s. should deal with hostage takers. and just in time for your labor day travels, prices at the pumped have dropped.
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6:24. some money-saving news for drivers hitting the road for labor day. you could be paying the lowest prices for the holiday weekend since 2010. the national average is 3.44,
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which is down 24 cents from the beginning of the summer. in the philly area, the average price is 3.38 and in south jersey, it is 3.18. good morning, at 6:25, we continue to follow this serious accident in glassboro. as you can see, a truck went into a tree just a few minutes ago. at least one person was transported from the scene to a local hospital. this is route 47, closed in both directions. right at east stanger avenue. i'll tell you about a new accident into our system in bucks county. for now let's take you outside to a life look at a gorgeous sunrise this morning, bill. >> it's coming up nicely. good view of it from center city. that's a view from the comcast center. not everybody is seeing the sunshine, however. there are spots dealing with some fog as temperatures are running cooler than yesterday. blue bell and pottstown, just some very light fog there. haz hazleton, the fog has dropped visibility to under one mile.
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and we continue to follow the breaking news owt of montgomery county where a deadly crash occurred this morning. in three minutes we'll get a live update where a major road has been closed for five hours because of that accident. i'm matt delucia, live on the "today" show plaza in new york city. the taney dragons are here and they're getting ready for their appearance on the "today" show this morning. give you another live look, coming up right after the break.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> we are following breaking news this morning. a deadly accident shuts down a road in montgomery county. we're live on the scene where investigators are still collecting evidence five hours later. state of emergency. cleanup begins after that earthquake rocks northern california. and live from the plaza, taney fever, philadelphia little league didn't bring home a title
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but they've captured the heart of the nation. they're getting ready to be on the "today" show. >> that's cool to see them there. this morning, the sun is out. a nice shot here of the art museum in philadelphia. 52 degrees, nice and cool. it will be a gorgeous monday in the delaware valley. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast and find out about the day. bill? >> sun is up, it's going to be bright through the day like yesterday. lots of sunshine and low humidity. this is a live view of the sunrise from skyforce 10. doesn't that look nice. completely clear there. but not everywhere. we are seeing some fog in the pocono mountains. that's where the thickest fog is this more than as temperatures are running cooler than yesterday. a few other spots they're dealing with fog, too, pottstown and mt. holly has light fog at this area. that's about it. mostly what we're going to see is the temperatures climbing and that will do away with any fog. that should happen fairly quickly, too.
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58 degrees in trenton. 61 in wilmington. 63 at philadelphia international. skies, nice and clear. the sun will warm us up to 70 degrees at 9:00 by lunch time, close to 80 degrees. show you how long the nice weather lasts, come back to look at wet weather heading our way. first, jillian mele has traffic. >> on a business monday morning. we have an accident in glassboro, route 47, shut down near east stanger avenue. take academy street or buck. new accident into the system, bristol happening on route 413. congestion starting to build. that's nothing out of the ordinary. boulevard northbound at grant avenue, still an accident in outer drive, stick to the inner drive there. perkiomen drive, ott road at gravel pike, the scene of an
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accident. finally for drivers in hatfield township, montgomery county, serious fatal accident happened in the overnight hours. an investigation has been going on all morning long, north broad street near cowpath road. take line street or walnut street to get around that. let's talk more about that breaking news this morning. one person is dead, one critically hurt after a car crashed into a pole in montgomery county and split in two. katy zachry is live on scene. what's happening right now, katy? >> hi, tracy. minutes ago we got an update from police saying they're about to open this stretch of north broad street. they have in the last half hour loaded the vehicle which split into two pieces after hitting a utility pole here on north broad street. they've loaded it on to the back of this tow truck. they're about to tow it out of here. there's also a fire truck to the left that's leaving this scene. they were called out here to clean up some fluid spill. it's been quite the scene for the last five hours. hatfield police say just before
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1:00 this morning, the vehicle that you saw on the back of that tow truck which really was unrecognizable, slam nad a telephone pole after theç driv lost control. it's unclear, police say, why the driver veered off the road, why he lost control. but police do believe speed was one of the factors and no one is doubting that looking at the vehicle after it split into two. we've learned that two young men in their early 20s were in that vehicle, one died at the scene, the other was air lifted to jefferson university hospital with critical injuries. we spoke to a convenience store employee who works just about 50 feet from where this happened. he said the sound of the impact stopped him in his track. he also saw some of the victim's friends after the crash. >> were they upset, emotional? >> they were crying, upset. >> were there other vehicles this car was traveling with?
6:34 am
>> there was a possible caravan to another location but i don't know if they were per se traveling with. several people told us they were supposed to meet these individuals at another location. >> reporter: and hatfield township police are investigating and they say the investigation will continue well after this accident scene is clear and the road, the 1 00 block of north broad in hatfield township is re-opened. we're taking a live look at the vehicle on the back of that tow bed. the vehicle split into two after it hit the telephone pole. police are not releasing any information about the person who died. they say they're still trying to contact that person's family. reporting live in hatfield township, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. happening today, the hottest team in philadelphia takes on the big apple. the taney dragons are in new york city to appear on the "today" show. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at
6:35 am
30 rock for thus morning. you followed the amazing run all the way from williamsport to new york now. >> reporter: yes, chris, the taney dragons just arrived here a few minutes ago, they're here on the plaza at 30 rock getting ready for their appearance on the "today" show. it's still early. they just woke up. they have a lot of energy. they just got off their big run at the little league world series and one of the star pitchers, right here, mo'ne davis. how exciting has all this attention been for you? >> it's been very exciting. i wasn't really prepared for it but i mean, as the week went by i started getting used to it a little bit. >> reporter: you finished playing at the little league world series. now you're getting ready for all these tv shows. how have you been preparing for this? >> just be calm. >> reporter: are you excited to meet matt lauer.
6:36 am
>> yes. >> reporter: we also have leyland lotts here. how excites hag this been? >> it's been quite a journey. these kids have worked hard on the field and have played hard off the field towards a lot of the friendships. the kids from different countries, the whole experience has been surreal, you know? but we had fun along the way, lots of fun. >> reporter: what do you think this has done for the children of philadelphia as an inspiration? >> i think these kids have been great ambassadors for the city of philadelphia, our state, mid-atlantic region and the country.ç they've represented. >> reporter: sound goods. leyland, thank you so much. the rest of the taney team, they're getting ready to be on the "today" show. they'll be in the first hour, right after nbc news. we'll be following them behind the scenes. we'll have on twitter. you can see out here on the
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plaza, already a big crowd has formed out here. a lot of cameras out here as well. these folks have gotten a lot of attention. that attention continues today here, live in new york city. i'm matt delucia, guys, back to you. >> all right, matt, thanks. great to see them. 6:37 right now. california's governor declared a state of emergency after a 6.0 earthquake hit the heart of wine country. it hit six miles south of napa. the shaking could be felt hundreds of miles away. it only lasted 20 seconds but caused damage to hundreds of buildings and dozens of homes are not safe to live in. most people suffered minor injuries, a couple was critically injured, though. there have been 50 to 60 aftershocks already, the largest being a 3.6. >> we do not expect that there will be much larger aftershocks but we do think the aftershocks
6:38 am
will continue for several weeks and they will rapidly decrease in their magnitude. >> the early warning system at uc berkeley issued an alert ten seconds before the earthquake was felt. california's lieutenant governor says it's time to take that technology further. happening today, trial is scheduled to begin for a man charged in the death of an 11-year-old philadelphia girl. max drozey is his home. the crash happened in south philadelphia more than two years ago. prosecutors say drozey ran a red light, slammed into an suv and that suv slammed into four people that were walking along the street. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a nice second half to the weekend. lots of sunshine yesterday. clear skies and no wind this morning. the temperatures have come down.
6:39 am
that's leading to some areas of fog. not everybody is seeing it. right now the temperatures as low as they're going to go. 58 in trenton and wilmington, nothing but sunshine there and 61 degrees. look at the pocono mountains, socked in at lake wallenpaupack. that's a live view. but fog won't last all day, bright sunshine and the temperatures near 80. zero visibility. it's gotten thicker in hazleton. light fog in blue bell at 3/4 mile visibility. the rest of the area is looking like this. a nice and sunny view from cape may, a few scattered clouds offshore. it looks like it will be a great day at the shore. near 80 for today and tomorrow. warmer on wednesday, up to 84. with clear skies, plenty of sunshine today and again tomorrow. we are watching clouds that will
6:40 am
have an impact in our area. they're farther to the northwest, that line of clouds could very well bring us showers early thursday morning. but you won't see it today. no. you'll need your sunglasses. 80 for mt. pocono, ç83 the hig for allentown. cape may, atlantic city, rehoboth, all in the upper 70s this afternoon. middle 80s for voorhees. philadelphia and westchester. nice, sunny day today. the showers will be moving in and it's not just later this week. that it's a possibility. a look at the weekend forecast and the seven-day when i come back. >> 20 minutes before 7:00 right now. >> we've had several accidents out there. let's get a check with jillian mele. >> volume is building on the majors. a lot of roads like 75 and 76, mass transit. i am following five accidents including a serious accident in glassboro. 47 is still blocked off near
6:41 am
east stanger avenue just south of route 322. heading to bristol, bucks county, route 413. we have one on the boulevard northbound at grant avenue. that's blocking some lanes in the outer drive. stick to the inner drive there. perkiomen township, right at ott road and gravel pike. katy zachry has been live all morning at hatfield. she says north broad street should re-open momentarily near cowpath road. take line street or walnut street, two options to get around that if you are heading out the door in the next few minutes. this is the ben franklin bridge. westbound side. the right land is blocked off. three leans of traffic are getting into idea right now. because one lane is closed, we are starting to see volumes on the ben franklin bridge. if you are taking the ben, leave yourself a few extra minutes.
6:42 am
happening today, the teen whose killing at the hands of police sparked violent protests will be laid to rest. now michael brown's parents are reaching out to protesters asking them to do something as they prepare to bury their son. near disaster. a boy on over by a camera. but that's not the next story. what happens in this next video clip will make you do a good take. i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup, 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure.
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happening today, michael brown, the missouri teen shot to death by a police officer will be laid to rest. 34 of the protests were violent. at a festival in st. louis yesterday, brown's father asked for peace on the day his son's funeral. michael brown was unarmed when he was shot and killed by ferguson police officer darren
6:46 am
wilson. the u.s. navy released video showing aircraft taking out from the "uss george h.w. bush" this weekend. the air strikes are helping kurdish forces in their fight against isis around the mosul dam. the u.s. military says they are using remotely piloted aircraft to conduct air strikes. isis militants are now in control of a government air base in syria. this comes after days of fighting that left hundreds of people dead and syrian state tv confirmed that government forces have evacuated that facility. an american journalist held hostage for nearly two years in syria is now free. 45-year-old peter curtis of massachusetts was handed over to u.n. peacekeepers. the u.s. government was not involved in negotiating his release which came about through private efforts. his release comes a week after
6:47 am
the execution of james foley. the bishop of manchester said foley was living his faith by showing the world images of people affected by war. foley was kidnapped in 2012 while covering the syrian uprising. a man is in custody, believed to be responsible for three separate shootings within a one-hour span that left three people dead. the victims, some of2them on their way to church appeared to be randomly targeted in a los angeles suburb. a suspect was taken into custody after an hour's long standoff with police. investigators are trying to determine if the shootings are connected to at least two others from last week. and a mystery off the coast of florida. the coast guard issing loo for more bodies after four people were found dead off the coast of south florida. the bodies of four men have already been pulled from the water. no boat wreckage has been located. and the victim's identities are still unknown. this video has a lot of people talking this morning. a 6-year-old boy in china
6:48 am
survives after being run over. we want to warn you, the video you're about to see could be disturbing to you. surveillance video shows the boy playing in the street, then the red suv runs right over him. the boy gets up, is clearly in pain but walks to the other side of the street. he had minor scratches on his legs. no word on whether the driver is facing charges. leading pediatricians say school should start later for teenagers. they say the bodies internal clock shifts around puberty and if the start time isn't shifted it can lead to sleep deprivation. >> they're biologically programmed to fall asleep at 11:00 and wake at around 8 ook a. -- 8:00 a.m. >> lack of sleep can lead to bad grades, poor health, depression
6:49 am
and suicide. education experts say later start times would mean more bus drivers would be needed and they would affect sports activities, afterschool jobs and home work time. >> i'll see you a seashell and raise you an archaeological artifact. a boy found a 10,000-year-old arrowhead while vacationing on long beach island. he found that arrowhead you see in the photo there at the edge of the surf. a post-sandy beach replenishment project says that is how this was pushed it to the shore. his family says they'll donate it to a museum after he shows it off to his classmates in virginia. now first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> we're getting a great start, cool, cooler than yesterday. a few thin, high clouds. a nice clear view across the
6:50 am
adventure aquarium. humidity at 84%. that goes way down. we're watching, wow, it's moving up quick. we're watching the fog disappear in the pocono mountains. a few scattered clouds. it will besunny and temperatures near 80 degrees. down by 6 in pottstown and mt. pocono 4 degrees cooler this morning. the thickest fog in the pocono mountains, hazleton has zero visibility. it is in are a mile from blue bell. mt. holly has some light fog just under one mile visibility there. bright sunshine today. temperatures in the 80s. but the humidity stays low. easterly winds at 10 miles an hour and a warmup for tomorrow, up to 87 degrees. just a little bit warmer on wednesday with sunny skies. until wednesday night,ç then clouds move in. we may see some scattered
6:51 am
showers early thursday morning, then it clears out thursday. lots of sunshine thursday afternoon, friday will be nice and sunny. however, the clouds set to return for the weekend with a chance of showers. >> we've had a lot of accidents on the roads this morning. >> nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jillian mele runs them down. >> seven accidents. that's what we're following right now. two new accidents to tell you about. one in burlington in chester field, bordentown chester field road. we have a new accident in rosslyn, sus qquehanna road. and perkiomen township, ott road and gravel pike, that accident cleared. now to the accidents that have been with us all morning long. bristol, route 413 at ford road, heading out to hatfield township, montgomery county. this is in the process of eet or walnut street are good alternate
6:52 am
routes. glassboro, 47 closed at east stanger avenue. take academy as your alternate. it's a busy morning out therae aon the roads. one lane is blocked as you can see right in that area because of construction on the bridge. only three lanes are getting into philadelphia. leave yourself extra time there. 422 eastbound is crawling along at trooper. you can see way over there on the shoulder, that's where we have a disabled vehicle. i'm katy zachry, live in hatfield township where police have been on the scene of a deadly crash for the last six hours. this stretch of broad street has been closed off. they're getting ready to open it.
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all morning we've been on top of this breaking news out of montgomery county where a car crashed into a pole killing one person, critically injuring another. katy zachry is live at the scene. is there any hope for that road, the traffic dloz yclosure to cl in time for rush hour here? >> they are getting ready to open this portion of broad street and this is about to be towed away. here's a closer look at the two pieces of the car. hatfield police say just before 1:00 this morning, the vehicle slam nad a telephone pole on north broad street. two young men, both in their early 20s were in the vehicle. one died here at the scene, the other was air lifted to
6:57 am
jefferson university hospital in philadelphia with critical jurz. police gave us an update says this individual was undergoing surgery. police tell me speed was a factor. it's undeniable that speed was a factor when you look at the car and the fact that it's broken into two pieces. after six hours of investigating, police are just about to re-open this road. they are not releasing the name of the individual who died because they say they're still trying to get in touch with family. both of the people involved in this crash are from the area. reporting live, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. as we approach 7:00, just until north broad street can be re-opened take line street or walnut street for the next 15 to 20 minutes. crews are getting ready to re-open the road. staying in montgomery county, rosslyn, susquehanna road,
6:58 am
penndot moved thisç camera on . you do have congestion out there in both directions. chester field, an accident, near fenton lane. we've had a serious accident in glassboro, closing route 47, just south of route 322. specifically right near east stanger avenue. in this portion of 47 it's still blacked off. a truck went off the road into a tree in that area. we did see one person taking from that scene by an ambulance to a local hospital. that portion of 47 is still blocked off. take academy street as your alternate. we do have one lane block on the westbound side of the ben franklin bridge heading into philadelphia. this is creating heavy volume out there, early than normal on the ben franklin bridge. leave yourself extra time there. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a sunny start this morning at cape may. a live view from the marquis de
6:59 am
lafayette hotel. doesn't that look nice? a few clouds offshore. it will be near 80s this afternoon. go far enough inland, you find fog. this is a live view from lake wallenpaupack. it just got a bit thicker. some spots down to zero visibility. hazleton is going back and forth between a mile and three-quarter and zero visibility. it's in and out so far this morning. there's been light fog, too, in mt. holly. it's starting to ease there. all the fog will be disappearing. that's as the temperatures climb. it started to do that in philadelphia now. 64 degrees. we're headed for the 80s this afternoon. we'll be close to the 80 degree mark at lunch time today. the humidity stays low all day today. nis and comfortable, not only inland but at the shore, too. >> nice. >> it's been so fun to watch the taney dragons journey through the little league world series.
7:00 am
now we get to see them on the "today" show. get the latest news and weather on our website, thanks for watching. good morning. the moment it struck. new images this morning of california's worst earthquake in 25 years. the 6.0 quake injuring more than 200 people. hundreds of buildings damages, some of them on the verge of collapsing. we're live in napa. threat in the sky. hackers force an american airlines plane to make an emergency landing with a bomb threat directed at a top video game executive on that flight. why was he being targeted? churning. tropical storm cristobal expected to bring rough turf to the east coast after slamming parts of the caribbean. while inland the heat wave that's gripped the midwest and the south is set to intensify. and all in the


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